Thursday, January 27, 2011

Tomorrow: Fundraiser for the Brodsky Fellowship Fund



January 27, 2011 № 6

Photo by N.Sharymova  
Joseph Brodsky's Memorial 
15 years without the Poet 
Russian Samovar
Friday, January 28th
7 pm  
 "Brodsky's Venice" and "Brodsky in Lithuania" Presentation
To honor Joseph Brodsky, the great poet and writer, Nobel Prize Laureate, M.I.Miltchik, editor-in-chief of the project and the head of The Fund on Creation of Brodsky’s Museum in St. Petersburg and  Perlov Design Center released two books:"Brodsky's Venice"(2010) and "Brodsky in Lithuania"(2010). Today Perlov Design Center and Mikhail Miltchick, Yasha Klots and Natasha Sharymova plan to create a new book of the series - "Brodsky's New York". The project needs informational support of Russian New Yorkers such as photos and video.

Poetry reading
 Ina Blisnetsova, Andrey Gritsman, Roman Kaplan, Ann Kjellberg, Irina Mashinskaya, Maya Pritsker, Alexei Tsvetkov

The guests of the evening will have an opportunity to order the mentioned books and make donations to Joseph Brodsky Memorial Fellowship Fund (New York).

Russian Samovar
256 West 52nd Street

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